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Khandwa Edition covers the following areas:

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Rajasthan Patrika Khandwa Classified booking Center

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Why advertise in Rajasthan Patrika Khandwa

Khandwa is a multicultural Khandwa in the newest Indian State of Telangana. It is a hub for commercial activity in north Telangana. Advertising is the key to success for most business in Khandwa . Classifieds in top newspapers of Khandwa are cheap and effective to reign in consumers. And with releaseMyAd’s exclusive rates in Khandwa and expert assistance in ad booking advertisers are sure to win. Book classified ads in leading Rajasthan Patrika newspapers of Khandwa in 3 simple steps on the releaseMyAd website.

1.   Select Ad Type and Ad Category

This is the first step and includes choosing your ad type and ad category. Select text classifieds or display classifieds as per your needs and budget, as your ad type. Choose from a list of categories like recruitment, matrimonial, property etc.

2.   Compose Ad

The second step includes composing the ads in your own words. You can add embellishments like ticks and borders for text classifieds and logos, images, colours for display classifieds.

3.   Select Dates & Make Payments

The last stage includes selecting the dates for the release of your ads and clearing your dues for our services. Use our multiple payment options to clear payments with us.

Rajasthan Patrika Khandwa Ad Booking Processs

Why choose releaseMyAd for booking Rajasthan Patrika classifieds in Khandwa ?

Khandwa is a multicultural Khandwa in the newest Indian State of Telangana. Once the northern border of the Nizam’s estate, today Khandwa serves as a hub for cotton mills and a centre for education in the state. Being a centre of trade and commerce in northern Telangana, Khandwa needs to advertise. Classified advertising is the best way to let your target population know about your business. releaseMyAd is an ace ad agency in Khandwa that understands the thirst for Rajasthan Patrika classified advertising in the Khandwa.


Booking classified ads in Rajasthan Patrika of Khandwa with releaseMyAd has got a lot of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

• Instant 3 step classified ad booking in top newspapers of Khandwa .
• Book ads in any category you want and get the lowest ad rates in Khandwa for Rajasthan Patrika classifieds booking.
• Avail our secured multiple online payment options. We also have several offline payment options like cheques and demand drafts.

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