Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Ad Booking Rate Card
Rajasthan Patrika Advertisement Rate Card (2018)

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Change Category -
Edition Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Ahmedabad 30,528 ( Copies) Rs. 171 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 165 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Ajmer 102,815 ( Copies) Rs. 291 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 189 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Alwar 103,579 ( Copies) Rs. 383 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 262 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Bangalore 56,298 ( Copies) Rs. 257 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 275 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Banswara 57,471 ( Copies) Rs. 228 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 178 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Barmer 3,000 ( Copies) Rs. 275 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 260 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Bhilwara 58,131 ( Copies) Rs. 228 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 262 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Bhopal Rs. 500 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 477 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Bikaner 53,743 ( Copies) Rs. 323 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 248 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Bilaspur 21,456 ( Copies) Rs. 375 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 219 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Chennai 24,404 ( Copies) Rs. 228 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 185 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Chhindwara Rs. 210 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 150 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Coimbatore 1,500 ( Copies) Rs. 129 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 78 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Gangapur 3,000 ( Copies) Rs. 300 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 260 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Gwalior 100 ( Copies) Rs. 500 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 558 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Hubli 8,636 ( Copies) Rs. 105 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 100 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jabalpur 103,034 ( Copies) Rs. 575 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 598 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jagdalpur 23,567 ( Copies) Rs. 260 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 201 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jaipur 448,386 ( Copies) Rs. 900 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 159 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jaipur City Rs. 830 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 139 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Jodhpur 204,540 ( Copies) Rs. 546 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 365 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Khandwa 5,190 ( Copies) Rs. 315 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 92 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Kolkata 4,915 ( Copies) Rs. 295 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 195 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Kota 175,859 ( Copies) Rs. 383 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 377 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Pali 85,543 ( Copies) Rs. 273 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 210 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Raipur 16,457 ( Copies) Rs. 625 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 610 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Ratlam 17,568 ( Copies) Rs. 575 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 242 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Sagar 15,234 ( Copies) Rs. 195 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 253 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Satna 15,234 ( Copies) Rs. 220 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 161 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Sikar 133,040 ( Copies) Rs. 310 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 295 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Sriganganagar 106,673 ( Copies) Rs. 310 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 315 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Surat 38,473 ( Copies) Rs. 200 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 195 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Udaipur 110,675 ( Copies) Rs. 387 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 345 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW
Ujjain 27,500 ( Copies) Rs. 315 ( / 20 Words ) BOOK NOW Rs. 92 ( / sqcm ) BOOK NOW

Recently Asked Questions

In Rajasthan Patrika, one can book ads at minimum rates. The ad rates of Rajasthan Patrika starts from rs 150 / 20 words (depending on the category you choose) for classified text ads.  The advertising rates are determined by various factors firstly it depends on the newspaper edition and category you choose to advertise and secondly the ad format.  Now the ad formats come in two formats one is classified text and the second one is classified display. The charges of both these formats are different due to the difference in their ad formats.  For any other information, you can call us at 09830629298 or drop us a mail at book@releasemyad.com.
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Booking many announcement ads require certain documents, so it is always more helpful if you can mention the sub-categories for your announcement ad such as Change of Name, Lost & Found, Change of Address, Public Notice & Tenders etc. To know the ad rates for Rajasthan Patrika, you can visit the Rajasthan Patrika Announcement Ad Rates page and then pick the “All editions” package or individual editions as per your requirement and proceed to compose the ad. In this section you can create the ad and then proceed to select the date for release in the Dates & Payment section. Here you can also review the payment mediums which include both offline and online modes. The options are listed below: Online Methods: Credit/Debit Cards Net Banking NEFT (Online Wire Transfer) Offline Methods: Cash Deposit Cash Transfer Cash Collection Demand Draft Cheque Deposits   In order to know the documents required based on the kind of Announcement ad you need to publish, you can take a look at the Article on Necessary Documents for different kinds of Announcement Ads. Also ensure that the ad is booked and the documents are sent at documents@releasemyad.com, at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates. 
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Please visit the Rajasthan Patrika Ad Obituary Ad Rates page and select the city or package of your choice. Depending on whether you want a text ad or display ad, accordingly different price packages will be made available to you to choose from. Create and customise your ad on our Compose Ad page. You can specify the sub-category as Chautha. If you intend to insert an image then you can choose the classified display option and select a design template to design and publish the ads. You may make the payment through our online/ offline methods. It must be kept in mind that booking must be completed 1-2 days before the intended date for publication. There are lots of sample ads on our site to help you, along with an Online Ad Booking Tutorial in case you are facing a problem with the booking process. For further help simply call us on 09830629298 or email on book@releasemyad.com.
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To know the process of booking an ad through our online portal, you can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial. To begin the booking process of your Property ad in the Jaipur edition of your preferred newspaper, you need to visit the Property Ad Rates of Rajasthan Patrika section. Here you need to choose the Jaipur edition or a relevant package and then proceed to compose the advert online with the help of Property Ad Samples and ad enhancements. At the end to complete the booking, you need to confirm the release dates and clear the payment for the same, through our online or offline payment mediums which include the following options: Credit/Debit Cards Net Banking NEFT (Online Wire Transfer) Cash Deposit Cash Transfer Cash Collection Demand Draft Cheque Deposits To ensure a timely release of your ad make sure that you have confirmed the booking orders and clear all the payments at least 2-3 days prior to the release date.
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You can book your matrimonial ad online instantly through releaseMyAd. You can start the booking of your matri ad by visiting the Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Ad Rates page. Here you can review the rates for all the editions of the newspaper and also choose a package that covers the entire Rajasthan. Once you choose that package, you can compose your ad and then proceed to confirm the release dates and finally make the payment for the same. You can either make the payment through online mediums or offline mediums as per your convenience. Please ensure that your ad is booked at least 2-3 days in advance so that it is released on time. 
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Business Ads in Rajasthan Patrika is a great choice if your target demographic is Hindi speaking scattered across West India, especially Rajasthan. Since you have not shared the target location we can request you to check the Rajasthan Patrika business ad rates from our online Business Ad Rate Card Page. Once you are satisfied with the cost you can start booking your ad. On the course of your booking you will be helped with sample ads, discounted offers, flexible date selections and secure online and offline payment mediums.
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To know Rajasthan Patrika classified (Text & Display) ad booking rates in categories like Recruitment, Obituary, Matrimony, Name Change etc.

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Rajasthan Patrika is recognized as the fourth most read newspaper in India by Indian Readership Survey. This Hindi daily reaches 8 states - Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka & West Bengal. Advertising in Rajasthan Patrika will be advantageous to any advertiser because of its massive penetration and reach to the Indian masses. 

Classified ad booking with releaseMyAd lets you access the best rates, special discounts and combo packages for both text classifieds or display classifieds in different categories like recruitment, matrimonial, name change, obituary, property etc.

Classified Advertisement Options in Rajasthan Patrika:

Text Classified Ads: Text classified ads are those inexpensive ads that appear in the Classified page of a newspaper and consist of only words. No enhancements are added to these and the price of text classified ads in Rajasthan Patrika are calculated on per 20 words. For every extra word after the 20 words limit, the advertiser is charged an amount. Also, a word limit of 50 words per ad exist in case of Rajasthan Patrika.

Classified Display Ads: These are hybrid ads that too appear in the Classified section of Rajasthan Patrika. These may contain several enhancement features like fonts, colours, images/photographs, company logos etc. These are expensive when compared to text ads but nowhere near display ads. At the releaseMyAd online ad booking portal you can either upload your own ad or edit the given layout for your classified display ad.

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•  You can track your order till its release with our Order Tracking Facility.
•  Our multiple and safe encrypted online payment options make payments easy and trouble-free for you.

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