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Rajasthan Patrika is a popular Hindi language daily, founded in the year 1956 by Karpoor Chandra Kulish. It is widely circulated and happens to be the fourth most read newspaper as per Indian Readership Survey. Currently present in 36 cities across 8 states, its readership figure has significantly increased over the years, and hence it is the preferred choice of several advertisers.

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There are two types of classified ad such as Classified Text Ad and Classified Display Ad. Classified Text Ad is the most cost-effective forms of advertising in any Newspaper. The Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format. Rate is charged per Line/Word/Character basis. Enhancements like tick mark, colour, bold font, border lead to extra charges. Classified Display Ad is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here one can add customized font, colour, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. These ads are charged on the basis of per sq.

Display advertisements are the most extravagant form of newspaper advertising. They can be published on any page and can occupy any amount of space in a specific newspaper page.

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424,866 copies
230,000 copies
204,540 copies
175,859 copies
133,040 copies
110,675 copies
106,673 copies
103,579 copies
103,034 copies
102,815 copies
85,543 copies
58,131 copies
57,471 copies
56,298 copies
53,743 copies
38,473 copies
30,528 copies
27,500 copies
24,404 copies
24,080 copies
23,567 copies
21,456 copies
17,568 copies
16,457 copies
15,234 copies
15,234 copies
8,636 copies
5,190 copies
4,915 copies
3,000 copies
3,000 copies
1,000 copies
1,000 copies

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different factors that contribute to the cost of booking an ad in Rajasthan Patrika. The cost differs in terms of ad format you choose, the category of your choice and the number of editions you choose to publish.

Classified text ads are charged per line whereas the display ads are charged on the basis of per square metre.

Again the cost varies depending on the selection of page for a display ad. The advertising cost for Front Page, BackPage or Page3 is much more compared to other pages.

To know more about the cost click on the link here.

Getting your ad published in Rajasthan Patrika through our website is very quick and simple.

Follow the steps below:

  • Visit Rajasthan Patrika page on our website.

  • Select an appropriate category under which you want your ad to be published. It could be matrimonial,property, recruitment,business,obituary etc to name a few.

  • Select a suitable ad format and location of your choice.

  • Compose your ad by filling all the relevant details.

  • Finally complete the booking process by selecting dates and making the payment. You can avail Multiple payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and therefore completely secure. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash.

On successful completion of your booking process an auto generated invoice is sent to your email-id confirming the Rajasthan Patrika advertising details. Post editorial approval your ad gets published on the selected dates.

There are different advertising options available in Rajasthan Patrika

You can book your {newsppaer} ad under three Ad Formats:

Classified Text-The text ads in Rajasthan Patrika are one of the most cost-effective option and are charged on the basis of words/lines or characters. The minimum charge for running an ad depends on the choice of edition. You can also use enhancements to your text ads by using color background,tick mark & border.

Classified Display- Classified is another option that is a little expensive as they a better visual representation. The ad format lets you insert logos and images in the ad content. They appear in columns and are charged per square centimeter.

Display- Display ads have a higher visual impact in the minds of the readers. It offers more options in terms of ad sizes. You can select quarter page,half page, vertical or horizontal & front or back page depending on your budget.

The ad rates differ on the basis of the ad format, location and category you choose. Post selecting the category a complete list of ad rates appear based on the different locations and packages for classified text and display format. To know more click on the Ad Rates to have a detailed view of the cost of publishing it in different editions.

Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper advertisements can be designed under three different formats

  • Classified Text
  • Classified Display
  • Display

Classified Text Ad- Classified text is one of the simplest forms of ad which is designed by composing the ad in simple words. There is a word limit set for every category. Exceeding the limit will cost you for every additional word.You also choose to make your ad more impactful by choosing ad enhancements like color, background and tick.

Classified Display- With classified display you can design your ad by inserting logos and pictures to make your ad visually attractive. You can select a single column or multi-column depending on the ad size you wish your ad to be published. These are charged on the basis of per square centimeters. You can select  any pre-designed template to compose your ad. Our platform also offers the opportunity to upload your designed ad by choosing the file,selecting the ad size and color.

Display Ad- Display ads gives you the freedom to publish your ad on any page of the newspaper. You can create an ad by selecting a predesigned template,upload your existing design. You can also take creative help from a team of expert if you are struggling to design your ad.

You can easily book a Rajasthan Patrika ad through releaseMyAd, and since you are the owner of an electronics store, you need to book a retail ad in Rajasthan Patrika. The process is very simple and you just need to follow these steps: Go to https://rajasthanpatrika.releasemyad.com/ Select ‘retail’ from the list of ad categories. Select the Jaipur edition of Rajasthan Patrika. Select your preferred ad type - Classified Retail Text Ad or Classified Retail Display Ad. Select the discounted package that best matches your requirements.  Compose the ad matter for your retail ad. Enhance with borders or bold fonts if desired.  Select the dates that you want your retail ad to run in Rajasthan Patrika. Make your payment for the ad and receive your invoice. If you have any doubt then you can call us on 9830629298, our experts always ready to help you.
Hi! It seems you want to book a computers ad in the Delhi edition of Rajasthan Patrika. Don’t worry, thanks to releaseMyAd’s user-friendly ad booking platform, you can book your Rajasthan Patrika classified ad within minutes. Just follow these steps: Go to https://rajasthanpatrika.releasemyad.com/ Select ‘computers’ from the list of ad categories. Select the Delhi edition of Rajasthan Patrika. Select your preferred ad type - Classified Computers Text Ad or Classified Computers Display Ad. Select the discounted package that best matches your requirements.  Compose the ad matter for your computers ad. Enhance with borders or bold fonts if desired.  Select the dates that you want your computers ad to run in Rajasthan Patrika. Make your payment for the ad and receive your invoice. For any further queries you can email at book@releasemyad.com.
There are several packages available for multiple editions of Rajasthan Patrika. In order to choose your preferred package for matrimonial advertising across Rajasthan, you can review them on the Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Ad Rates page. Here you can take a look at the packages, individual edition rates, classified ad type and choose any of your preferred options in order to proceed with the booking. You can then compose your ad, preview it and then finally confirm the release dates which can be based on the number of days selected in the ‘Publish Ad for _ Days ‘ section. You can choose 3 Sundays at once or you may rebook the same ad before the deadline for next ad whichever is convenient for you. Once the dates have been selected you can make the payment for the same through the online or offline payment mediums. 


Why advertise in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper ?

Founded by Karpoor Chandra Kulish in 1956, Rajasthan Patrika is one of the most popular Indian Hindi daily newspapers. It is published as Rajasthan Patrika in Delhi and Rajasthan, and as Patrika in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Bhopal, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. It is a preferred choice of most advertisers because:

  1. According to Indian Readership Survey, Rajasthan Patrika ranks fourth in the most-widely read newspaper belt.
  2. It has established its strong presence in 36 cities.
  3. Rajasthan Patrika offers extremely affordable advertising rates.
  4. It has earned a good reputation by leveraging high quality content.

releaseMyAd is a registered online ad booking partner of Rajasthan Patrika.We have incorporated the authorized advertising schedule of Rajasthan Patrika in our system for an uncomplicated advertising experience for you. Now you can book your advertisements in Rajasthan Patrika on specified dates and avoid any kind of confusion. We have also secured your payments on our website with SSL encryption.

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Booking Process

How To Book An Ad Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper?

releaseMyAd provides you a hassle-free procedure for booking ads in Rajasthan Patrika:

  1. Select the newspaper – Rajasthan Patrika
  2. Choose the ad type – Classified Text/Classified Display/Display
  3. Choose a location where you want the ad to be published, for example, Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, etc.
  4. Choose the category under which you want to post the ad - matrimonial, recruitment, business, etc.
  5. Compose the ad. For Classified Display/Display, should you require, our design team can assist you.
  6. Select a date when you want the ad to be published, and clear the payment through Credit/Debit Card. You will receive a confirmation message once booking is done.

Advertisers can opt for any of the following ad formats as per their budget and requirement:

  1. Classified Text Ad: This is the most cost-effective format. The number of lines used in the ad determines the cost. Should the advertiser require, the message can be made to stand out using tools such as font, colours, background, at a little extra cost.
  2. Classified Display Ad: This is similar to Classified Text, but is enhanced using images/logos. Use of image/graphics increases the cost slightly but draws attention among the clutter. The cost is generally determined on the basis of size (per sq. cm.).
  3. Display Ad: Display ads draw maximum attention, mostly because they are large in size – full page, half page and so on. They involve both texts and images and are drafted using plenty of creative elements. Size (per sq. cm.) of the ad usually determines the cost.

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