Book Matrimonial Ads For Rajasthan Patrika Online at Lowest Cost
Book Matrimonial Ads For Rajasthan Patrika Online at Lowest Cost
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Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial

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Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan + MP + Chattisgarh + Gujarat + Tamil Nadu + Karnataka + WB)
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 24% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 30% off
85% Off
Rs.3450/ 20 Words
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Rajasthan Patrika (All Madhya Pradesh)
71% Off
Rs.3028/ 20 Words
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Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan + Madhya Pradesh+ Chhattisgarh)
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 24% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 30% off
76% Off
Rs.3000/ 20 Words
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Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan + Gujarat + Tamil Nadu + Karnataka + West Bengal)
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 31% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 43% off
71% Off
Rs.2655/ 20 Words
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Rajasthan Patrika (All Rajasthan)
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 23% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 29% off
81% Off
Rs.1420/ 20 Words
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Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan + MP + Chattisgarh + Gujarat + Tamil Nadu + Karnataka + WB)
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 24% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 30% off
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Rajasthan Patrika (All Rajasthan)Covers Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur, Sikar, Jhunjhunun, Churu, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pali, Bikaner, Sri Ganganagar, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Chittaurgarh, Ajmer, Kota, Nagaur
Spl. Offer: Book 2 Ads and Get 23% off , Book 3 Ads and Get 29% off
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Advertisement Section Publishing Days Booking Deadline
Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Sunday 2 day(s) Prior
Category : Wanted Brides, Wanted Grooms,


Frequently Asked Questions

Matrimonial ads in Rajasthan Patrika can be booked under Classified Text & Classified Display format.

Classified Text ads in Rajasthan Patrika are run on lines whereas Classified display ads appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns.

Hence it is recommended to book your ad two days prior to the release date to ensure a smooth booking process.

Follow these series of steps to book your Matrimonial ad in Rajasthan Patrika

  • Begin your ad booking process by selecting the newspaper and category as & Matrimonial respectively.

  • Select your desired Ad Format.

  • The next important step is to select from a range of discounted package.

  • You will then be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ page wherein you need to select your preferred Sub Category and Preferences of your choice. Compose your ad by filling in specific requirements like physical traits, personal information & economic and family background you are looking for your prospective match in the ad content. Do not forget to mention your own educational & professional background along with the contact info while composing your ad. You can also upload your own designed ad matter in case of classified display.

  • To make your ad visually appealing you can choose Color, Background and Tick as enhancements to your ad.

  • Final step is to select the dates and make payments via Credit / Debit Card or Internet Banking to confirm your booking. Upon successful payment your will receive an invoice with all the details of the ad you have booked with us.

Matrimonial ads in Rajasthan Patrika are always booked in Packages. You can choose a suitable package depending on the number of cities you want your ad to be published. Your cost will vary accordingly as per your selection of package and desired Ad Format.

Choose from the list of Matrimonial packages of Rajasthan Patrika from the link here.

So visit the website to select the package of your choice and get your ad published in your desired cities.


Ideally the deadline for booking an ad is two days prior to the release date. Hence it is recommended that you book your ad beforehand for a smooth release. To know more about the deadline you can look at the calendar during the ad booking process.

Matrimonial ads in Rajasthan Patrika are booked in packages. There are a lot of factors that decide the cost of ad booking in the Matrimonial section of . You will find the most economical rates designed specifically for the customers on our website. You can choose the package of your choice & avail discounted rates for your booking. To know more about exclusive offers and discounts click on the link here.

Matrimonial ad is one of the most popular forms of newspaper advertisements avalable.To gain wider coverage and reach, Rajasthan Patrika is the best choice.  It is the Number 1 newspaper in the country with a whopping 1.5 million readership base.

Now to get relevant and positive responses from your Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial ad, it is important that your ad matter contains all the relevant details.

By following these easy steps you can easily compose your Matrimonial ad in Rajasthan Patrika:

  • Use of Abbreviations- Use abbreviations to cut down the number of words to reduce the cost. 
  • Contact Details- Double check your contact details in the ad matter to ensure positive responses.
  • Sub Category- Fill in appropriate sub category carefully to get your ad published under specific headings.
  • Enhancement Option- Use enhancement options like color, background, tick to make your ad more engaging. Remember enhancement options comes with an extra cost. 

Prior booking- Kindly make sure to book your ad two days prior to the release date for a timely release of your ad.

There are several packages available for multiple editions of Rajasthan Patrika. In order to choose your preferred package for matrimonial advertising across Rajasthan, you can review them on the Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Ad Rates page. Here you can take a look at the packages, individual edition rates, classified ad type and choose any of your preferred options in order to proceed with the booking. You can then compose your ad, preview it and then finally confirm the release dates which can be based on the number of days selected in the ‘Publish Ad for _ Days ‘ section. You can choose 3 Sundays at once or you may rebook the same ad before the deadline for next ad whichever is convenient for you. Once the dates have been selected you can make the payment for the same through the online or offline payment mediums. 
The best newspaper to give a matrimonial ad in a newspaper which covers the whole of Rajasthan is Rajasthan Patrika. If you intend to publish your ad in the above mentioned newspaper under the matrimonial section then please visit the Matrimonial Ad Rates page of Rajasthan Patrika. Then all you need to do is choose a package that covers all the locations of Rajasthan or individually choose the preferred locations and then proceed to compose the ad with the help of online sample ads. You can even add enhancements with the help of online ad highlighters to make your ad more prominent. Following the composition of your ad you can also preview the ad with our Live Ad Preview Feature. Then proceed to confirm the ad release dates from the calendar on the Dates & Payment page. Then you can proceed to clear the payments for the same through the online or offline payment mediums. You can take the help of our Online Booking Tutorial to know how to book an ad through our website. In case you intend to advertise in some other newspaper of Rajasthan, then you can simply take the help of our Online Newspaper Decider, wherein you can review the rates and circulation details of all the newspapers circulated across Rajasthan. 
If you wish to publish matrimonial advertisement in the whole of Rajasthan, you can opt for the Discount Packages for the Rajasthan Patrika (All Rajasthan Edition) Package. To view the rates for the same, you need to visit the Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Ad Rates Page. On this page you can either select the rates for individual cities in Rajasthan or you can directly book the above mentioned discount package for the whole of Rajasthan. Click on the Book Now option to proceed to the Compose Ad page. Compose, design and specify your ad with a heading in this section. Do not forget to mention the sub-category of the ad as Wanted Brides/Wanted Grooms and the preferred classification. We will send you a confirmation mail with the booking details as an invoice once we receive all the required details from your end. For any further enquiry please email us at or or call us on our number 09830629298.
The charges for 1 day ad in Rajasthan Patrika may vary based on the category you want to publish the ad under. Since you have specified your category as Matrimonial, we recommend you go to our Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial Rate Card Page. Check the rates for individual editions or choose a special marriage ad package that helps you reach a wider audience. You can compose the ad in Hindi also before moving on to the date selection and payment page. Please remember to select only one date (Sunday) since you wanted one day advertisement only.  You can also check your booking details, total cost before making an online or offline payment. 
We would like to inform that for Rajasthan Patrika, there are no such offers available. But you can review other ad rates and discount packages for placing matrimonial ads in Rajasathan Patrika. Please visit the following link in order to book an advert:  Once you choose a package, you can vcompose your ad the way you want with the help of our sample ads and ad enhancers. You can Call us on 9830629298 or cha with us , our executives are always there for you.  
For booking a Matrimonial ad in Rajasthan Patrika, you will need to visit Rajasthan Patrika's Matrimonial ad rates page. Here you will find a list of cities where Rajasthan Patrika is published. You can click on the city/cities of your choices where you want the ad to be published. You can also choose from any one of the discount packages available, which you will find below the afore-mentioned list. With these discount offers, you can get your matrimonial ad published over a large region (all India/all Rajasthan/all Jaipur) in the simplest way possible. To publish a Matrimonial ad in the Jain column, all you will need to do is mention 'Jain' in the beginning of the content of your ad, while composing it in the Compose Ad section. You can refer to sample matrimonial ads to better frame your matrimonial advertisement. Once your ad is composed, you need you need to choose the sub-category as ‘Wanted Groom’, from the drop down below the compose ad box, choose the preferred classification as ‘By caste’ and then the sub-classification as ‘Jain’. These specifications will ensure that your ad is published under the right category and section of the newspaper so that you receive only relevant responses. Please make sure that the is booked 2-3 days in advance so that it is published on time and if you need any help with the booking, then you can take the help of our Online ad Booking Tutorial.


Why place Matrimonial Ad in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper ?

Searching for the right match often gets difficult in our society given the varied factors that are taken into consideration by families – caste, religion, astrology, community, education and many more. Matrimonial advertisement is a common way to reach out to the potential bride/groom. Advertisers often prefer Rajasthan Patrika to publish matrimonial classifieds because:

  1. Rajasthan Patrika is a widely circulated newspaper which has a huge readership.
  2. It has a strong presence across 36 cities in India.
  3. Because of the strong trust factor Rajasthan Patrika has built over the years, it is usually the first choice for placing matrimonial classifieds.

There are few important pointers to be considered before drafting the matrimonial ad to generate maximum responses:

  • Specific physical requirements, such as height, complexion, etc. must be clearly mentioned.
  • Other important details must be included as well – educational qualification, personal information like caste, community, religion and so on.
  • Contact details (phone number/email) are the most crucial, and hence, shouldn’t be forgotten.
  • Ad composition must be short and precise, inclusive of abbreviations wherever possible to reduce cost.

Rajasthan Patrika is circulated around the following locations :

Location Circulation Cost View Details
Edition: Jaipur Ciculation: 424,866 copies Price: Rs.1420 /20 Words
Edition: Jaipur City Ciculation: 230,000 copies Price: Rs.1420 /20 Words
Edition: Jodhpur Ciculation: 204,540 copies Price: Rs.710 /20 Words
Edition: Kota Ciculation: 175,859 copies Price: Rs.498 /20 Words
Edition: Sikar Ciculation: 133,040 copies Price: Rs.403 /20 Words
Edition: Udaipur Ciculation: 110,675 copies Price: Rs.503 /20 Words
Edition: Sriganganagar Ciculation: 106,673 copies Price: Rs.403 /20 Words
Edition: Alwar Ciculation: 103,579 copies Price: Rs.498 /20 Words
Edition: Jabalpur Ciculation: 103,034 copies Price: Rs.3450 /20 Words
Edition: Ajmer Ciculation: 102,815 copies Price: Rs.378 /20 Words
Edition: Pali Ciculation: 85,543 copies Price: Rs.355 /20 Words
Edition: Bhilwara Ciculation: 58,131 copies Price: Rs.296 /20 Words
Edition: Banswara Ciculation: 57,471 copies Price: Rs.296 /20 Words
Edition: Bangalore Ciculation: 56,298 copies Price: Rs.334 /20 Words
Edition: Bikaner Ciculation: 53,743 copies Price: Rs.420 /20 Words
Edition: Surat Ciculation: 38,473 copies Price: Rs.260 /20 Words
Edition: Ahmedabad Ciculation: 30,528 copies Price: Rs.222 /20 Words
Edition: Ujjain Ciculation: 27,500 copies Price: Rs.315 /20 Words
Edition: Chennai Ciculation: 24,404 copies Price: Rs.296 /20 Words
Edition: Chhindwara Ciculation: 24,080 copies Price: Rs.3450 /20 Words
Edition: Jagdalpur Ciculation: 23,567 copies Price: Rs.575 /20 Words
Edition: Bilaspur Ciculation: 21,456 copies Price: Rs.488 /20 Words
Edition: Ratlam Ciculation: 17,568 copies Price: Rs.575 /20 Words
Edition: Raipur Ciculation: 16,457 copies Price: Rs.813 /20 Words
Edition: Sagar Ciculation: 15,234 copies Price: Rs.195 /20 Words
Edition: Satna Ciculation: 15,234 copies Price: Rs.220 /20 Words
Edition: Hubli Ciculation: 8,636 copies Price: Rs.168 /20 Words
Edition: Khandwa Ciculation: 5,190 copies Price: Rs.315 /20 Words
Edition: Kolkata Ciculation: 4,915 copies Price: Rs.384 /20 Words
Edition: Barmer Ciculation: 3,000 copies Price: Rs.358 /20 Words
Edition: Gangapur Ciculation: 3,000 copies Price: Rs.390 /20 Words
Edition: Gwalior Ciculation: 1,000 copies Price: Rs.500 /20 Words
Edition: Bhopal Ciculation: 1,000 copies Price: Rs.500 /20 Words

Booking Process

How To Compose Your Matrimonial Ad In Rajasthan Patrika To Get Maximum Response ?

releaseMyAd is a registered online ad booking partner of Rajasthan Patrika. We provide you with a hassle-free platform to easily book matrimonial classified ads following the given steps:

  1. Choose a newspaper – Rajasthan Patrika
  2. Select the ad type – Classified Text or Classified Display
  3. Select the Category – Matrimonial.
  4. Specify the location where you want to release the advertisement – Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur.
  5. Under Matrimonial, choose appropriate sub-category (wanted brides/grooms).
  6. Proceed to compose the classified text ad using the tools. You can upload self-designed matter in case of classified display ad.
  7. Lastly, choose the publishing date for the ad and make the payment. You can clear the payment using Credit/Debit Card.

Matrimonial Ads Archive

Sample Ads For Rajasthan Patrika Matrimonial :

Wanted Bride - We are looking for an alliance for our son (Name), aged (30) years, residing in (Location), height (6'1"), (B.Com) graduate, (Religion), (Caste). The bride should hail from a decent, educated family. (Same caste/ caste no bar). Should be around (24) years. Contact with (Astrological) details 0000000000 or Email to
Wanted Groom - PQM for (Location) based fair girl, 1980 / 163 cm, Corporate Lawyer, LLM/UK, parents Sr. Exec., seeks liberal minded, suitable match in early 30's. E: with photo. Caste no bar.
Alliance Invited - Alliance invited from a well-settled decent cultured family for our daughter (Name), age (21) years, height (5'5"), fair Complexioned, ( Graduate, residing in (Location). (Religion), (Caste), (Others).
Looking for Groom (Hindi) - ब्राम्हण, 6-2-1991 नॉन मांगलिक, अंत नाड़ी, 5'4'', स्लिम, फेयर, B.E (CS),MBA (HR) इंदौर निवासी, कन्या हेतु दहेज़ विरोधी| उच्च शिक्षित, वर के प्रस्ताव आमंत्रित, सर्व ब्राम्हण स्वीकार, फोन: 09830629298
Looking for Bride (Hindi) - स्टेट बैंक डिप्टी मेनेजर ६'२ हाइट २९ वर्ष के लिए सरकारी /बैंक जॉब में वधु चाहिए. संपर्क : xxxxxxxxxx
Divorcee (Hindi) - तलाकशुदा डॉक्टर उम्र 35 /5'4"नेत्ररोग विशेषज्ञ हैदराबाद निवासी हेतु कुंवारी या तलाकशुदा वधु चाहिए फोन : xxxxxxxxxx

Ad Tips

Ad Composing Tips

  • Please check the contact details in the ad text to get response. Also provide, if any, preferred timing for communication.
  • Ensure to mention DOB, time, place of birth, Manglik/ Non-Manglik and other astrological details for kundli/ zodiac matching.
  • Mention age and height so that responses are received from relevant age bracket and physical specifications.
  • Share any special preference, if any, like divorcee, non-divorcee, separated, NRI, physical disabilities, medical conditions.
  • Mention Religion, Caste, Community or No Caste Bar to ensure the right response from required social background.
  • Mention Educational/ Professional qualification looking for, to get a suitable qualified match.
  • Enumerate the profession, occupation, salary and place of residence to get appropriate response from desired lifestyle background.