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Classified AD RATES

Location Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Ahmedabad 30,528 ( Copies)Rs. 240 / 20 Words Rs. 198( / sqcm )
Ajmer 102,815 ( Copies)Rs. 402 / 20 Words Rs. 227( / sqcm )
Alwar 103,579 ( Copies)Rs. 570 / 20 Words Rs. 314( / sqcm )
Bangalore 56,298 ( Copies)Rs. 336 / 20 Words Rs. 330( / sqcm )
Banswara 57,471 ( Copies)Rs. 336 / 20 Words Rs. 214( / sqcm )
Barmer 3,000 ( Copies)Rs. 276 / 20 Words Rs. 312( / sqcm )
Bhilwara 58,131 ( Copies)Rs. 324 / 20 Words Rs. 314( / sqcm )
Bhopal 1,000 ( Copies)Rs. 966 / 20 Words Rs. 477( / sqcm )
Bikaner 53,743 ( Copies)Rs. 442 / 20 Words Rs. 298( / sqcm )
Bilaspur 21,456 ( Copies)Rs. 263 / 20 Words Rs. 263( / sqcm )
Chennai 24,404 ( Copies)Rs. 204 / 20 Words Rs. 222( / sqcm )
Chhindwara 24,080 ( Copies)Rs. 304 / 20 Words Rs. 150( / sqcm )
Gangapur 3,000 ( Copies)Rs. 346 / 20 Words Rs. 312( / sqcm )
Gwalior 1,000 ( Copies)Rs. 719 / 20 Words Rs. 558( / sqcm )
Hubli 8,636 ( Copies)Rs. 180 / 20 Words Rs. 120( / sqcm )
Jabalpur 103,034 ( Copies)Rs. 845 / 20 Words Rs. 598( / sqcm )
Jagdalpur 23,567 ( Copies)Rs. 221 / 20 Words Rs. 221( / sqcm )
Jaipur 424,866 ( Copies)Rs. 2430 / 20 Words Rs. 1032( / sqcm )
Jaipur City 230,000 ( Copies)Rs. 1230 / 20 Words Rs. 950( / sqcm )
Jodhpur 204,540 ( Copies)Rs. 1068 / 20 Words Rs. 438( / sqcm )
Khandwa 5,190 ( Copies)Rs. 440 / 20 Words Rs. 92( / sqcm )
Kolkata 4,915 ( Copies)Rs. 480 / 20 Words Rs. 234( / sqcm )
Kota 175,859 ( Copies)Rs. 564 / 20 Words Rs. 452( / sqcm )
Pali 85,543 ( Copies)Rs. 372 / 20 Words Rs. 252( / sqcm )
Raipur 16,457 ( Copies)Rs. 959 / 20 Words Rs. 732( / sqcm )
Ratlam 17,568 ( Copies)Rs. 598 / 20 Words Rs. 242( / sqcm )
Sagar 15,234 ( Copies)Rs. 201 / 20 Words Rs. 253( / sqcm )
Satna 15,234 ( Copies)Rs. 304 / 20 Words Rs. 161( / sqcm )
Sikar 133,040 ( Copies)Rs. 450 / 20 Words Rs. 354( / sqcm )
Sriganganagar 106,673 ( Copies)Rs. 426 / 20 Words Rs. 378( / sqcm )
Surat 38,473 ( Copies)Rs. 276 / 20 Words Rs. 234( / sqcm )
Udaipur 110,675 ( Copies)Rs. 594 / 20 Words Rs. 414( / sqcm )
Ujjain 27,500 ( Copies)Rs. 506 / 20 Words Rs. 92( / sqcm )


Frequently Asked Questions

Business Ads in Rajasthan Patrika is a great choice if your target demographic is Hindi speaking scattered across West India, especially Rajasthan. Since you have not shared the target location we can request you to check the Rajasthan Patrika business ad rates from our online Business Ad Rate Card Page. Once you are satisfied with the cost you can start booking your ad. On the course of your booking you will be helped with sample ads, discounted offers, flexible date selections and secure online and offline payment mediums.
When you intend to place an ad in any newspaper based on a specific size and preferred page, it refers to Display Ads which are the most expensive form of newspaper advertising. If you are interested in placing a display ad in your preferred newspaper, then you must know that such ads are calculated in per sq. cm unit and have additional charges for being published on a preferred page.  In order to know the ad rates for display advertising in the main paper of Rajasthan Patrika, you must visit the Rajasthan Patrika Display Ad Rates Page. On this page select the ad size as 8 cm X 10 cm and you can review the rates for your ad across all editions. You can simply avail the all editions package of Rajasthan to advertise across the entire state. Then you can proceed to the Compose Ad page where you can create your ad with the help of our online design templates. You can also upload your own ad design if you like in .pdf/.tiff/.eps/.jpeg format.  Once you are done with composing your advertisement, you must proceed to the Dates and Payment page to confirm the release dates, by choosing the number of days you intend to publish your ad on and then confirm the dates from the calendar. You can also book your ad with us once and then keep re-releasing the same ad every week or whenever necessary. In order to complete the booking process, you must make the payment through mediums available in the Make payment section. Our online and offline payment mediums include the following options:  Online Methods: Credit/Debit Cards Net Banking NEFT (Online Wire Transfer) Offline Methods: Cash Deposit Cash Transfer Cash Collection Demand Draft Cheque Deposits Also while booking your ad, please make sure that the ad booking is completed at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release date to avoid any delay in getting your ad published. For any more queries or help in the booking of your ad, please email our display ads executive at nandita@releasemyad.com. 
The type of advertisement as per requirements can be classified as a Display ad type and to book an ad of the same type in Rajasthan Patrika, please visit the following  link: http://rajasthanpatrika.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page, specify the ad size as 25x16 sq.cm and you can review the exact ad rate and discount package details associated with the Alwar edition of Rajasthan Patrika, along with other editions.  To book a Display ad in the Alwar Edition of Dainik Bhaskar, you'll have to select the location as Ajmer on the following link: http://dainikbhaskar.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. This is because there is no specific edition available in Alwar of Dainik Bhaskar and Ajmer edition is circulated in all parts of Rajasthan. Please select the ad size as 25x16 sq.cm to review the exact cost quotation for your required ad.  If you would like to book the ad, you can also log onto ReleaseMyAd.com and compose an ad with the help of our pre designed templates or upload your personally designed newspaper advertisement. You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer). 
Firstly, as per your requirementm, your ad type appears to be a Display ad. Secondly, if you want to publish your Display ad on the front or back page of Rajasthan Patrika, please visit the following link: http://rajasthanpatrika.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page, please select the different locations across Rajasthan, where the aforementioned newspaper is circulated. The minimum size for a display ad is 4 cm x 4 cm and you can review the exact ad charges and relevant discount packages by choosing the preferred ad size.  When you select the preferred cities or a particular discount package, you are directed to the 'Compose Ad' page where you can change your preference from color ad to B/W advert and begin the ad composition either with our pre designed templates or you can simply upload your personally designed ad. Also you must keep in mind that you must specify the release date and complete the booking process 2-3 days prior to intended release date. You must also clear all your payments at the same time.  You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer).
For your requirement of publishing a Tender Notice Ad of 4cm x 4cm dimensions in Rajasthan Patrika, please visit the following link: http://rajasthanpatrika.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page, simply choose Public Notice and Tender ads and the ad size to review all the ad rates and discount packages associated with different locations in which the preferred newspaper is circulated. Please select an appropriate package and begin composing your ad with the help of our enhancements and pre deigned templates or you can even upload your own advert. You may also get a sneak peek of how your ad will appear in the newspaper before publishing it by previewing it via our Live Ad Preview Feature. You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer).

Booking Process

How are Rajasthan Patrika Classified ads priced?

Rajasthan Patrika is a prominent Hindi language daily newspaper, having a strong presence across 36 cities in India. It is well-known for its quality content, which has led to a significant increase in its readership figure over the years.  Rajasthan Patrika offers highly economical rates for classified ads, thus, making it pocket-friendly for advertisers.

  1. Classified Text Ad: This form of advertisement consists only of texts/words/characters, which can be highlighted using elements like colour/tick/background to cut through the clutter. The cost for classified text ads in Rajasthan Patrika is calculated on the basis of word-count, where the minimum rate is specified for 20 words. Any text which exceeds the given limit or has special effects to it will incur slightly extra cost.
  2. Classified Display Ad: Classified display ad consists of images/logos/graphics in addition to texts. Because images are more likely to draw attention, these ads tend to be higher on the price range. Per sq. cm. of area occupied decides the total cost of classified display ads in Rajasthan Patrika.

On booking ads through releaseMyAd, a registered ad booking partner of Rajasthan Patrika, you can avail additional discounts.